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Do Trolling Motors Have Serial Numbers? Where Is It Located?

Are you wondering if trolling motors have serial numbers? But, first, let’s find out what serial numbers are and why they are needed.

What Is a Serial Number?

A serial number is a combination of string characters used to identify a product. Any product can have a serial number, such as your electric trolling motor.

Serial numbers are unique – this is how they are used for identifying a product. You will need your serial number while registering your product, providing it, along with other relevant information about your motor.

Serial numbers link a product to your account or name. In this way, you can use them for warranty purposes as well as to make technical support requests.

There’s no fixed standard of a serial number. Each manufacturer sets their own convention. Some serial numbers can include alphanumeric characters, while others include only numbers. Usually, serial numbers don’t use the letter “O” to prevent confusion with the number “0”.

How Manufacturers Use Serial Numbers

Serial numbers aren’t only useful for users, but they also make things more manageable and efficient for manufacturers. For instance, if a company creates the same product at multiple plants, they can use a separate range of serial numbers for each location.

Similarly, they can use it to mark products that are made in different time periods. This is why it streamlines the quality control processes, such as when a product is recalled.

How to Locate a Serial Number on Your Electric Trolling Motor?

Serial numbers can be found in different areas of your equipment. When it comes to trolling motors, some are easily found out, while others are tricky to find. In most cases, every motor series sticks to a fixed convention.

Why Do You Need to Know About Your Serial Number?

Getting to know your electric trolling motor’s serial number is essential. You can use it to figure out your model name and year of manufacturing. Similarly, you can use it to register your product or contact the consumer service.

Finally, registering your motor is a good way to provide proof of purchase to an insurance company for theft or damage claims.

Where Can I Find the Serial Numbers on a Minn Kota Trolling Motor?

Here is how you can find the serial number on Minn Kota trolling motors, based on the motor series.

  • Edge – Located around the momentary switch under the pedal’s side.
  • E-Drive – Located at the top of the main extrusion, beneath the steering arm.
  • Engine Mount – Located around the bracket’s underneath area.
  • Endura – Located at the transom bracket’s top.
  • Fortrex / Maxxum Pro / Maxxum Bow Mount – Located around the momentary switch on the pedal’s underneath side.
  • PowerDrive V2 / Power Drive/ Terrova – Located inside the mount under the lower area of the motor rests.
  • Traxxis – Find the number under the tiller handle.
  • Riptide SM / Riptide SE – Located under the motor head.
  • Riptide ST / SP – Located inside the mount under the lower area of the motor rests.
  • Riptide Transom Mount – Located around the tiller handle’s underneath region.
  • Vantage – Located at the side of the main transom’s bracket.
  • Vector / Vector 3X – Located below the motor head.

Where Do I Find the Serial numbers on a MotorGuide Trolling Motor?

The serial numbers of the MotorGuide’s trolling motors can be found in the following areas:

  • Transom Mount Foot Control Model – Located below the bottom cover.
  • Bow Mount Hand Control Model – Located below the bottom cover.

Where do I Find the Serial Numbers on a Garmin Force Trolling Motor?

You can locate the serial number of your electric trolling motor in the following areas, when it comes to the Garmin Force motor series.

  • On the original box.
  • Located below the mounting bracket.

Where Do I Find The Serial Numbers On a Lowrance Trolling Motor?

Lowrance is known for its Ghost Series. You can locate the serial number on the box. On the motor, it is located beneath the heel and toe end of the foot pedal.

Final Thoughts

If you recently purchased a trolling motor, it’s a good idea to find its serial number. Note it down after locating it. You can write it in your motor’s manual or save it on your phone for future reference.