how fast will a 55 lb thrust trolling motor go

How Fast Will A Electric Trolling Motor Go?

What’s amusing about fishing or any other water-related recreational activity is how it enables you to accept spontaneity- an idea that can be particularly hard to grasp in a time where everyone has such structured and robotic lives. No maps, no boundaries, no waiting- just immeasurable fun and endless thrill. It is the perfect adventure for fishing and outdoor enthusiasts alike. 

Anyone who has tried recreational fishing knows that it is not just about going fast. You must be aware of the appropriate speed to get the most out of it. When it comes to fishing, slow and steady wins the race. Trolling motors allow you to troll effectively and efficiently, maximizing your advantage. A heavier and larger boat requires more thrust to achieve suitable results. Other factors that impact the speed of your trolling motor include the condition of the water body, frequency of motor usage, the brand of the trolling motor, and the fuel used. Essentially, you need to avoid purchasing a motor with inadequate thrust.

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How Fast Will A 55 lb. Thrust Trolling Motor Go?

I am assuming ideal water conditions, a moderate load, and the correct size motor for your boat, the maximum speed of a 55 lb. trolling motor can go up to 5 miles/hour. However, at the maximum speed, your battery will get depleted quickly, so it will be a quick outing.

By their design and nature, 55 lb. thrust trolling motors usually are not suitable for large boats, swift currents or strong ocean tides. They are best for people who want to enjoy recreational activities while fishing on a small lake or slow river.

Essentially, it depends on you to make suitable arrangements while using your motor. If you are planning to spend a lot of time on the water, check your setup or have it serviced and fully charge your batteries to avoid any problems.

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How Fast Will A 80 lb. Thrust Trolling Motor Go?

 it is important to note that more thrust does not mean more speed. The trolling motor’s maximum speed is around 5 mph no matter how many lbs (pounds) of thrust it provides. A 5 mph maximum speed might seem slow but this is what makes them so perfect for fishing.

However, if you enjoy spending time in turbulent waters, with fast-moving currents, it would be a good idea to get a trolling motor with more thrust. So you have sufficient power at any given time. 

Another benefit of a powerful trolling motor is a quicker response. Extra thrust will give you a quicker reaction time, which can make the difference in catching that record winning bass.

The MinnKota 80 lb. Terrova with ipilot Link is what I use because it is powerful and versatile.

How Fast Will A 112 lb. Thrust Trolling Motor Go?

Ultimately a 112 lb. thrust trolling motor will still have a maximum speed of around 5 mph. If you are looking for quicker response time and better overall performance, bigger is better.

Nothing can be more irritating than being near a good fishing spot but are not able to lure any due to the weather conditions — fortunately, 112 lb. Thrust Trolling Motor can solve this problem.

They work extremely well in heavy waves and winds. The speed and power adjustments allow you to fight strong currents or tides. So if you want a trolling motor that can handle the most difficult conditions, this bad boy is for you. 

How to Make My Electric Trolling Motor Go Faster?

Before we jump into how you can make your electric trolling motor faster, we would like to discuss some of the factors that might impact its speed:

1. Amount of load

The speed of your boat significantly depends on its weight and how much load it is carrying. More weight means more thrust is required to move the boat. It also takes more time to carry it, which reduces the boat’s speed.

2. Regular maintenance of the trolling motor

Frequent maintenance of your trolling motor has an impact on its speed. Always follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions and schedule. Also, maintain your electrical system, including batteries, wires, connections, plugs, switches, and fuses or breakers

3. Water conditions

The nature of water you are planning to cruise in also significantly impacts how well your trolling motor is going to function. In still and calm water, a boat will travel faster as compared to turbulent water. This is because turbulent water has many disturbances, so more thrust is required to drive the boat. Also, If the water conditions are rough with large waves, a bow-mounted trolling motor will come out of the water resulting in loss of power. 

4. Brand or model of the trolling motor

There are many different types of electric trolling motors. And they are not all the same. Some models are very popular such as Minn Kota and for a reason. They are extremely reliable.

These electric trolling motors generally function better as compared to many other brands of trolling motors.

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Keeping all the factors mentioned above in mind, some things you can do to improve the function (and thereby, the speed) of your electric trolling motor include:

1. Charge or change its batteries

It is important to make sure the batteries of your motor are fully charged. After all, if they are unable to provide adequate power, the motor will not go at its maximum speed, and your boat will not go faster. Old batteries can also significantly impact the operating time of your trolling motor. So if your batteries are worn out must change them and get fresh, powerful batteries.

2. Get rid of any unnecessary load or weight

If there is a lot of weight on your boat, you will not be able to cruise at the maximum speed of your trolling motor. Also, if you have a buddy that never catches fish, you should leave him onshore or at home, lol.

3. Replace old trolling motors

As with every mechanical thing, the quality, and efficiency of trolling motors degrade with time. Old motors fail to provide optimal output after a certain time. So make sure to replace your old trolling motor with a new one after some time. For most major manufacturers we recommend checking your motor’s performance and consider replacing it after six years. 

4. Use an appropriate propeller

See if your motor’s propeller is functioning properly. It is important to use a suitable propeller for your boat. A good propeller will ensure your boat has ample power.

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Overall Time on the water

We have talked a bit about batteries and how they relate to your trolling motor’s power or thrust, but what about time on the water. The size of your batteries is an important factor in the amount of time you can use your trolling motor.

The higher the speed you use your motor at, the faster it will drain your battery’s power. You should make sure that you have a sufficient amount of amp-hours in your battery bank to ensure you have a great day on the water.

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Nothing can ruin a day out than an underpowered, inadequate electric trolling motor that is incapable of keeping your boat in position. A suitable trolling motor will perform the following functions:

  1. Keep a straight heading, preventing the boat from being blown off course
  2. Maneuver your boat where you want, when you want
  3. Consistently operate for your whole day fishing

However, it is up to you to choose trolling motors that are appropriate for your outings. For instance, a motor with less thrust will not do it if you want total control of your boat and a consistent fishing speed.


If my boat is unbalanced will that affect my electric trolling motor?

An unbalanced boat can definitely affect your motor. You should always put as much weight as possible right in the center of your boat to ensure that you have a balanced boat. It’ll make your motor run smoother by preventing it from coming out of the water.

Why do I need an electric trolling motor?  

The main reason why you’ll need to use an electric trolling motor is that it’s much easier to fish at low speeds, also they are convenient and whisper quiet. You don’t have to constantly deal with gas, oil changes, or starting the motor. They’re also a lot more user-friendly because they’re easier for inexperienced boaters, or people that are less physically able.