Interstate Trolling Motor Batteries

Best Interstate Trolling Motor Batteries

Have you ever wondered why do people stress the importance of selecting a good battery for a trolling motor so much? Well, with a reliable battery, you can make the most of your fishing trip. As with every electric device and motor, you need specific batteries for trolling motors that can steadily discharge electricity for a long time. 

However, with the market being flooded with inexpensive batteries these days, it can be hard to find a trolling motor battery that is both cheap and high quality. You might also come across knockoffs of reliable products like interstate trolling motor batteries, adding to the difficulty of the process.  

But do remember, you will never get gold for a dime. If you want something high quality and reliable, avoid cheap batteries and knock-offs. You can get a wide range of products, including budget-friendly batteries from trusted brands like Interstate Battery for your trolling motor. Their batteries are intended to go through repeated cycling without any impact on their longevity and performance. 

In this article, we review some of the best interstate trolling motor batteries

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Interstate battery DCM0100 

This AGM 110 AH 12 volt model battery weighs 65 pounds. It comes with a convenient case. Upon thoroughly examining and reviewing the DCM0100, we found out that it has a thermally welded case. The heavy-duty construction can help prevent any leaks. The presence of calcium alloy means there will be little to no substantial gas emissions if charged correctly. 

The fact that the battery is AGM allows you to mount it in any position or angle you may require. Additionally, AGM batteries are time-tested top performers for deep cycle trolling motor applications.

Efficient and durable, the DM0100 is a great choice for trolling motors. Moreover, Interstate also offers a remarkable warranty for the battery in case you face any discharging or performance problems. The DM0100 weighs around 65 pounds, and the exact dimensions are 12.1 x 6.8 x 8.6. 

Our current top choice for your trolling motor system is a high-quality AGM battery and this battery meets our standards.

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Interstate battery DCM0075

This AGM 75 AH 12 volt battery that weighs 49 pounds. While the weight to power ratio is very typical this battery is a nice middle-ground for weight, power, and cost. Seventy-five amp-hours is the top end of what most lightweight users will need for a kayak or canoe.

Considering the weight of this battery still makes it an option for kayaks and canoes, but we would lean more toward small aluminum boats, like a two-person 12-foot car topper. The cost is slightly lower than the larger DCM0100 but still a solid value.

Because AGM batteries are VRLA (valve regulated) the are very safe and can be used in any type of boat including kayaks. Most AGM batteries of this type get above 300 cycles at 50% depth of discharge, so a regular user should get three-plus years of use.

The case is durable and has a built-in rope-style handle making it easy to lift in and out of your boat. We recommend a standard size battery box for securing it in your boat with the includes strap kit for most battery boxes.

Always remember to use a good smart charger/ battery maintainer to get the most life out of your battery. The standard warranty is one year with some restrictions.

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Interstate Lightweight Battery SLA1155 

This lightweight deep cycle battery model is one of the best interstate trolling motor batteries for small motors. 

The compact 35 Ah interstate battery delivers steady performance. Apart from its consistency, it also does not require any maintenance due to its absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology.  

To conclude, the interstate lightweight SLA1155 battery can be a good choice for a kayak or a canoe. DCM0035 battery takes up minimum space, has relatively less weight than its counterparts, can be mounted at any angle, and also works astoundingly well for its size. Essentially,  this model is a perfect budget-friendly buy if you are looking for a small yet reliable battery.

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Interstate Batteries Powersports 12v Battery Charger – 1.0 Amp – Sealed Lead Acid or AGM – (920005) 

This high-efficiency interstate battery charger with 1.0 Amp charging power can fully charge all types of lead-acid batteries automatically, including Gel cell, AGM, and conventional models. It maintains a 100% charge consistently while also preventing the battery from overcharging. This ensures your batteries are kept in tip-top shape. 

We highly recommend this charger for maintaining your battery for long periods between use, which will extend your battery’s overall charge cycles.

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We know that there are a lot of great batteries available for trolling motors so we have made a detailed round-up including the Pros and Cons of each battery. I have four batteries on my boat and use two of the overall winner and two of the budget-friendly batteries.

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To Sum Up…

Choosing the right battery for a trolling motor can make all the difference if you want to have an enjoyable fishing trip with no hindrances. Therefore, regardless of your budget, avoid being the kind of person who purchases the first battery they find. Something unfortunate, like your battery discharging completely before you are done or before you even reach the fish spot, can completely ruin your excursion. 

Fortunately, Interstate trolling motor batteries can help avoid such situations. We can assure you that these trolling motor batteries will not fail you during a trip. The company has been consistently providing people with industry-standard and top-notch products. It is one of the leading and most trusted battery companies in the USA, as well as worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of battery is an interstate marine battery?

If you’re currently asking yourself this question, you’re in the right place! In a nutshell, Interstate is one of the most popular providers of marine batteries in the world, and for good reason, too!

Whether you are on the search for a battery suitable for deep-cycling, or you simply want a battery that’s going to have you covered in the event that your boat’s motor suddenly fizzles out while out on the water – Interstate will have you covered with their wide range of marine batteries. 

To follow, as one of the most popular lines of marine batteries in the world, all of Interstate’s marine batteries are specifically made to offer the user plenty of strong and reliable power that they can count on while out on the water.

There are also a variety of marine batteries within Interstate’s long-standing catalog, and these range from marine starting batteries, marine deep-cycle batteries, all the way to marine dual-purpose batteries, which are all designed to provide you with the “durability and longevity you’re looking for when the water is calling.”

If you’re currently considering purchasing one but aren’t sure if it would be right for you and your needs, then keep in mind that the Interstate Marine Battery is intended for use as a backup source of power for all marine-related motors, whether that be to help crank up the power of your current boat’s motor, or to help power other accessories on your boat, such as a fish finder machine. 

Are Interstate Batteries good for trolling motors?

Trolling a motor will allow a boat to stay fixed in one spot when up against external factors such as strong currents or forceful winds. So, for that reason, it’s important to make sure that you have a battery that’s going to be able to cater to this need without causing the passenger to have to use a physical anchor. 

If you’re currently wondering about whether or not an Interstate battery is up for the job of trolling a motor, then you’re in luck – because these popular marine batteries are a great choice to consider when looking to fill this need.

Out of all of them, we recommend considering the DM0100 Interstate battery, which is efficient, durable, and powerful enough to troll a motor without any issues. 

How long do Interstate deep cycle batteries last?

If cared for properly, you can expect your Interstate deep cycle battery to last you anywhere from 4-6 years, although this lifespan estimate can sometimes be even longer than that, depending on how well it has been cared for, as well as how often it has been used. 

In order to ensure that the life of your Interstate deep cycle battery isn’t cut short, then we strongly recommend that you store it in a cool, dry place where it will not be exposed to very cold or hot temperatures.

In addition to that, you should also make sure that your deep cycle battery is always fully charged when it isn’t in use, while also making sure that you are charging your battery as slowly as possible, as rapid charging can sometimes raise the temperature of the battery, and cause it to overheat and potentially even become damaged. 

How much do Interstate marine batteries cost?

Good question! If you’re currently shopping around for a marine battery and are considering picking up one of Interstate’s acclaimed options, then you should keep in mind that you will be spending anywhere from 99 dollars to 400 dollars upwards, depending on what type of marine battery you choose to purchase.

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