Review of the top 3 bank marine battery charger

Review of the top 3 bank marine battery charger

You get up early and drive to the lake. Next, you launch the boat and head to your favorite trolling spot on your favorite lake, and the boat’s batteries are not working. What is wrong with the batteries?

Well, this type of situation could happen to you at any time. The first place to start is a good charger to keep your batteries in tip-top shape. But like many people, you may get confused by the multitude of products out there on the internet.

That’s why we have come up with the top 3 bank marine battery chargers to end all of your confusion. We will compare the top 7 popular 3 bank marine battery chargers so that you can find your ideal product. So, let’s get started.

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A Brief Introduction to 3 Bank Marine Battery Charger

Marine battery chargers are an essential part of running and making your boat’s electric trolling motor work well. Without an onboard marine battery charger, you have to remove the batteries, charge them from a regular charger and again install them on your boat. Phew! That sounds like a daunting task.

If you have three batteries on your boat, then a 3 bank marine battery charger will be the best option. Having your on-board battery charger will help you get the sufficient charge that your boat needs. Additionally, an on-board battery charger will increase the lifespan of your batteries by maintaining them between uses.

A 3 bank marine charger is generally constructed in a metal or plastic case. Many chargers have three main LED lights in the device which indicates the charging status of the three batteries. There’s a fun fact on how to choose a good marine battery charger. Just count the number of LEDs. It is said that the greater the number of LEDs, the more features on the marine battery charger.

There are generally four wires on a 3 bank marine battery charger. One wire supplies electricity to the charger and the other three connects with the batteries to provide power to the batteries. The wires and internal circuits are coated with silicon to make them waterproof. Some chargers may have a fifth wire to sense temperature during charging.

3 bank marine battery chargers may have different features, but the common thing about all of them is that they are very very costly. They are not budget-friendly because they have the combined powers of three charges and are fully waterproof.

Below we have listed some of the best 3 bank marine battery chargers which are available on the internet:

Product overview

Best overall

Minn Kota MK330PC 3 Bank x 10

Best buy

Minn Kota Onboard Digital Charger MK315D

Best High-end

Promariner 36 Amp 52036 Battery

Newest Model (lithium compatable)

NOCO Genius GEN5X3, 3-Bank, 15-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Marine Charger

Minn Kota Onboard Digital Charger MK315D (best buy)

Minn Kota Onboard Digital Charger MK315D is one of the best on-board battery chargers for boats by Minn Kota, which is a 15-amp total charger and provides about 5 Amps per bank. It is saltwater tested to help protect your charger from corrosion.


  • Affordable price
  • Waterproof and saltwater tested
  • Shock and vibrant resistant
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Automatic multi-stage charging
  • Multi LED status display
  • Can charge flooded, AGM and gel batteries


  • 5 Amps per bank charging capacity
  • Not compatible with lithium-ion batteries

We were very impressed with this product because of its versatility. It constantly monitors the battery condition, and it will alert you of anything wrong with the batteries or a short circuit, etc. It is very easy to install and it is one of the few 3 bank battery chargers on the market which values money. There are hardly any bad reviews about it so you should definitely consider buying one for yourself If you are not in a hurry on your recharge time.

Minn Kota MK330PC 3 Bank × 10 Amp Precision Charger (best overall)

Minn Kota MK330PC 3 Bank × 10 Amp Precision Charger is one of the few chargers that allow the user to independently select and charge a different type of battery in each bank. The chargers are also short circuit, reverse polarity and ignition protected.


  • Digital Charging Technology
  • True rated output
  • Compatible with flooded leach acid, gel, AGM and High-Performance AGM battery types
  • Fully waterproof machinery
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Short circuit, reverse polarity, and ignition protected
  • 10 Amps per bank charging capacity


  • Not compatible with lithium-ion batteries.
  • Price

The Minn Kota Precision chargers are regarded as the best overall charger on the market. One of the best features of this charger is that each battery can be set to a different charge profile. We don’t recommend having different types of batteries for your trolling motor system, but If you plan on hooking up a 24-volt trolling motor system and your main motor battery, this charger is the best option. One negative side of this charger is its high price which may not be suitable for everyone.

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NOCO Genius GEN3 30 Amp 3-Bank On-Board Battery Charger

NOCO offers not only a three bank portal but also gives a mix of high technology in a rugged construction presentation to offer an efficient and effective charging experience to you. It is waterproof which ensures no electric dysfunction just in case it suddenly gets wet on and protects its electrical wiring.


  • Fully waterproof sealed machinery
  • Ignition protected
  • Fast charging
  • Compatible with wet, gel, and AGM deep cycle batteries
  • 10 Amps per bank charging capacity
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Doesn’t have varied controls

This NOCO battery charger’s compact structure makes it suitable for all kinds of boats. This product has almost everything which you want in your 3 bank marine battery charger. But there are some bad reviews regarding the customer service of NOCO. That’s why we recommend you to buy it only if you have some experience regarding marine battery chargers and purchase only from a large retailer who will back you up.

Update 2021 – a newer model has arrived with a lithium setting. Each battery band has a mode switch allowing the user to charge or maintain different types from one charger. The downside to this charger is that it is only capable of charging 5 amps per battery. This charger is the top seller for 2021, with zero returners within 30 days, per sales data. Click here to see on

ProMariner 20 amp ProSport Gen 3 Battery Charger (3 – Bank; 12/24/36V)

The Promariner is a heavy-duty 3 bank marine battery charger, which is a part of the ProSport Series Chargers. This generation of chargers incorporates an all-digital microprocessor control. It also provides an automatic battery sensing to lessen the difficulty of setup on your part.


  • Extruded aluminum housing
  • Dynamic thermal output control
  • 100% waterproof and shockproof
  • Compatible with flooded, gel or AGM batteries
  • 20 Amps charging capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Expanded LED status center


  • Not compatible with lithium batteries
  • Price
  • Very heavy to carry

This 3 bank marine battery charger is perfect for newbies who don’t have much experience regarding battery chargers. It is also very easy to setup. One customer typed a 300 word review of this product and said that it took him more time to type the review than install the charger. Its price is the negative side of this product.

Promariner 36 Amp 52036 Battery Charger Protournament (best high-end)

Promariner battery charger is a great product for serious fishermen. Many professional fishermen are using this battery charger for tournaments. The top feature to note about this unit is called Distribute-On-Demand. It automatically distributes the charger capacity to the battery that needs the most recharge. If all the batteries in your boat are of the same type, then it is perfect for you.


  • Forced induction cooling
  • 2 to 3 times faster than traditional chargers
  • Digital LED Display with Dual Mode Battery Status Monitor
  • Compatible with flooded, AGM, HP AGM batteries
  • 36 Amps charging capacity
  • Temperature sensing charge control
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • 2 year warranty


  • Not compatible with lithium batteries
  • Not compatible with Gel batteries
  • Price
  • Charge profile setting is identical for all batteries

Promariner is a great 3 bank marine battery charger, but unless you are using identical dual power batteries, you should use it basically for charging devices that are separate from your main motor. Its temperature sensing charge control makes it ideal for hot climatic regions. The customers are very satisfied with this product and they have lots of good things to say about it too. Just be sure that your boat doesn’t run on gel batteries, this charger is a top pick for 36 volt AGM battery systems.

Guest 2731A ChargePro On-Board Battery Charger 30A / 12V, 3 Bank

Guest on-board battery chargers have been redesigned from the inside out with the customer in mind. Their newest generation onboard marine battery chargers include leading advancements in digital charging technology and waterproof design/construction. Every Guest charger has a dedicated charging, sensing, and control per bank. The easy to read graphics indicate the status of each battery bank through the charging process.


  • Fully waterproof and shock-resistant
  • reverse polarity protection
  • over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature and ignition protection.
  • Compatible with flooded and AGM lead-acid batteries
  • 30 Amps charging capacity
  • LED charge status monitor
  • 2 year warranty


  • Not compatible with lithium-ion batteries
  • Not compatible with Gel batteries
  • Price

Guest brand has been in the marine charger business for many years, but they don’t have much fame. Their new line of marine battery chargers is redesigned to compete with the best of the best. This 3 bank marine battery charger is very easy to install and it also comes up with reverse polarity protection. But, if you intend to use it in saltwater, then you should try to keep it away from water as much as possible because it doesn’t list “saltwater proof.” Another bad side is that it can only charge flooded and AGM batteries. On a personal note, my first two bank charger was a Guest and it still works today.

Dual Pro 15 Amp/Bank Professional Series 3 Bank Charger

Dual Pro is a three bank charger that provides 15 amps each bank. This professional series charger is known for being one of the safest, reliable, good performing chargers and helps in giving you a long time in the water.  It is equipped with a reverse polarity protection feature and can extend your battery’s life through its charging profile.


  • Safe and reliable
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Temperature control feature
  • Fully waterproof and shockproof
  • 15 Amps per bank charging capacity
  • LED charge status monitor
  • 3 year warranty
  • Compatible with flooded, AGM and gel type of batteries


  • Price
  • Not compatible with lithium-ion batteries

Last but not least, this 3 bank marine battery charger has also stolen lots of hearts. If you have flooded batteries or AGM batteries on your boat, then it is perfect for your batteries. This product is well known for its long-lasting nature and it’s easy to install features. Though the price of this marine battery charger may seem to be a little bit high, we are sure that you won’t regret buying this. Additionally, this charger has the highest total amps on our list at 45 for the fastest charge.

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We have worked very hard to list the top 3 bank marine charger out there on the market. Overall most of the top marine chargers on the market are good quality. But every charger may not be compatible with your boat. So, review the information we have gathered and decide what’s best for your boat. Our overall top pick for a three-bank charger is the Minn Kota MK330PC 3 Bank x 10 amps because of total Amps (30) and versatility.

We hope that this article will erase your confusion and help you to pick the perfect 3 bank marine battery charger for your boat. For more information, you can check our other articles below.

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