Review Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries

Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries Review

Many fishermen are quite familiar with boat batteries. They may be of different types like gel, flooded, lithium-ion, etc. In this article, I will review the top 5 drop-in lithium batteries that are available in the market. But before that, let’s learn a few things about lithium batteries.

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Drop-in lithium-ion batteries will perform at 100% with a specific lithium battery charger. However, they can be charged with gel or AGM battery chargers because the BMS controls the charging. Lithium batteries also have many advantages over other trolling motor batteries. One of the biggest advantages is its longer-lasting power.

A regular 36-volt trolling motor runs from three 12-volt marine batteries in a series to achieve 36 volts. Three 100 Amp Hour (AH) lithium batteries in a series will provide this power. You may say, what’s so special about a lithium-ion battery then? The answer is very simple.

By far, the biggest advantage of a lithium-ion battery is its charge cycle life. A standard lithium-ion battery with a BMS can be cycled 2000 times. Think about that, 2000 full day fishing trips. A high-quality AGM lead-acid battery can only cycle 500 times to 50% power, on average.  

Next, other marine batteries lose voltage when they are drained. When a battery reaches a 50% charge, it can’t produce enough power to run the trolling motor, and the motor stops. A lithium battery, on the other hand, doesn’t lose any voltage while discharging. This is why they can provide twice as much power as a regular battery for a longer period of time.

Other advantages of lithium batteries are that they are equipped with overcharge and deep discharge protection. This ensures that your batteries can be used for a longer period of time than a comparable lead-acid battery. They also weigh about half that of conventional lead-acid trolling motor batteries.

The final advantage of note is wire sizing. Because the voltage stays in a more consistent range than Lead-acid batteries you should not need to oversize any of your wires, saving you money. Technically speaking a battery with a BMS also has a short circuit disconnect built-in so you would not need a fuse or breaker, but it is still the best practice and ABYC wiring code.

After reading about so many advantages, you may think that there are no drawbacks to lithium batteries, but I am sorry to say that you are wrong. The biggest and foremost disadvantage of lithium batteries is their price compared to other top electric trolling motor batteries. Even the cheapest ones may be a bit too much for your budget.

So, is it worth putting the money upfront for lithium batteries? Well, that depends on your needs. If you want a long-lasting battery that is super durable, then I must say that lithium batteries are best for your needs.

Note: it is very common for people to recycle information from the web rather than do a hands-on review. I either own the product or do first-hand interviews to collect and verify the information. I went with the budget-friendly option in my video below and have been quite happy.

Now that we have learned about lithium batteries, let’s look at the top 5 drop-in Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries Reviewed, on the market today. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Product overview

Best overall

Best budget-friendly

Battle Born LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery – 100Ah 12v with Built-in BMS

This Battle Born battery is designed and assembled in Reno, NV. This LiFePO4 – lithium iron phosphate deep cycle battery is great for use in an RV, Boat, or Off-grid power system. It is considered as one of the best of its kind in the market. Because this battery can be wired in series to make 24 volts, 36 volts, and 48 volts it is a great option.


  • Built-in BMS(Battery Management System)
  • 100 amp continuous output
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Made from 100% safe, non-toxic, renewable energy
  • Very good long-lasting power
  • 10-year warranty
  • Can be used in different places


  • Price

We were impressed by the longevity of this product. You can use it for years without any additional maintenance costs. It doesn’t generate any hydrogen gas like lead-acid batteries thus making it completely safe to use indoors. It also has a reasonably shorter charging time. Its price may seem a bit too much but if you are buying this, then you won’t regret it.

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Renogy 12V 100Ah Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

The Renogy Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery enables auto-balance among parallel connections and provides more flexibility for battery connection thanks to its RJ45 communication ports. If you’re searching for a deep cycle battery for RV, cabin, or marine use, then this lightweight, auto-balanced, ultra-safe, long-cycle-life lithium-ion battery is the perfect plug-and-play solution for you!


  • 100Ah rated capacity
  • 12.8 V nominal voltage
  • Auto balance among parallel-connections
  • BMS(Battery Management System)
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Built-in communication port
  • 6-year warranty


  • Price
  • Cannot be connected in series for 24 volt systems

We just loved the design and features of this battery. They have designed a Phillips screw approach to attaching flat-ring-end cables, eliminating the awkward moves necessary with the old wrench style of cabling. Short charging time and 26lb machinery add to its greatness.

One big drawback of this product is that it cannot be connected in series for 24 volt systems. This is a problem if you have a 24 or 36-volt system.

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Li Time LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery 12V 100Ah MINI with Built-in BMS

This Li Time battery(formerly Amperetime) can be connected in series or parallel and they can replace the traditional lead-acid, AGM, or gel deep cycle batteries. It weighs about 30% of a regular AGM or gel battery of similar capacity and it has a 6 times faster-charging ability. It is more stable at high discharge current and high or low temperatures.


  • 100Ah rated capacity
  • 12.8V nominal capacity
  • Lightweight (24 pounds)
  • Built-in protection from overcharging and discharging
  • Built-in BMS(Battery Management System)
  • 100Amp BMS
  • New and improved design
  • 5-year warranty (est. 10 year battery life)


  • No low-temperature cutoff

Li Time has worked hard to make this product perfect for its customers. Like every other lithium battery, it is also renowned for its longevity. It doesn’t require maintenance, and the company says that its battery charges faster than the traditional ones. The battery is incredible and available in different voltages and amp-hours(see on

While the battery claims you can use it in a wide temperature range you should exercise care when using it under 32 degrees F as this battery doesn’t appear to have a low-temperature charging disconnect. The Li Time website also says you can connect their battery in series, but there is not much information.

Finally, Ampere Time makes a 24-volt battery. We installed this battery and just completed an entire season of use with a 24-volt Terrova. After twenty-seven fishing trips, we were pretty pleased. The battery never failed and took the most significant source of concern out of the fishing day. The entire system was upgraded, and we produced videos. Check out the battery install video on youtube.

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ExpertPower 12V 100Ah Lithium LiFePO4 Deep Cycle

The ExpertPower battery’s proprietary lithium-iron-phosphate chemistry takes the hassle out of maintaining and utilizing the power you need. It is regarded as one of the best lithium batteries in the market.


  • 100Ah rated capacity
  • 12.8V nominal capacity
  • 2500-7000 cycles of life
  • Built-in BMS(Battery Management System)
  • Impeccably lightweight
  • 10-year warranty


  • Price

This is one of the best products on this list because it has a better price than the others. It is tested to run without any inconveniences for 6-7 hours. Its durability and improved design are just perfect for running a trolling motor. We haven’t noticed any mentionable downsides in this product except its price.

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Lithium Friendly Battery Charger

The newest models of the NOCO Genius Chargers now include a user-set mode button on each battery bank allowing the user to select lithium for their trolling motor batteries. Currently, this charger is our top recommended seller and at the time of this update has zero 30-day returns.

The NOCO Genius is an easy install, and now lithium settings make it an excellent choice. Check out the 3 bank (24-volt motor) or the 4 bank (36-volt motor) on

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Top Charger for a Single Lithium Battery

I currently am using a Victron 24-volt charger in my boat and hands down this is my favorite battery charger. The Victron charger is fully programmable and can be monitored via Bluetooth. If you are running a single 12-volt battery, a single 24-volt battery, or multiple batteries of any type this charger will do the job.

For a single 12-volt lithium battery the Victron Energy Blue Smart IP67 12-Volt 17 amp Battery Charger is perfect. The IP67 rating makes it perfect to permanently mount in a boat. This charger is rated at 17 amps but you can lower that if you like. Full power should fully recharge a 100ah battery in seven hours.


Choosing a perfect battery is important because you don’t want to buy the wrong one when investing this much money. Thus, we recommend looking at every product detail before buying one for yourself.

Double-check your system voltage and make sure the battery you purchase is compatible. That fact is one of the main reasons we recommend the Battle Born because we know it will work in series and the 10-year warranty.

That’s all for this article, Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries Review. We hope it helps you choose the best drop-in lithium-ion battery for your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are lithium batteries worth it for trolling motor?

Yes, lithium batteries are definitely worth it for your trolling motor. This is because lithium batteries are much more efficient than regular batteries. Three lithium batteries in a sequence will power a trolling motor running at the same speed for twice as long as a regular battery. 

Lithium batteries are able to do this because they maintain higher voltages for longer periods than regular batteries. Regular batteries run on lead, and this has its weaknesses, where the limitations of lithium batteries are much fewer. This means you can use lithium batteries to keep your trolling motor running for longer, and also to keep it healthier. 

So, while they are more expensive than regular batteries, lithium batteries are a lot more effective, and also a lot more efficient. So, if you want your trolling battery to last longer, it is definitely worth investing in some lithium batteries. 

What is the best lithium battery for trolling motor?

There are lots of different types of lithium batteries that you can use with your trolling motor. The majority of trolling motors will run with almost any 12-volt deep cycle marine battery, but some batteries will allow your battery to run longer than others. 

In particular, we would recommend using a lithium iron phosphate battery. When it comes to battery life, this type of battery is the superior choice because it can run for the longest. This is mainly because they are a lot stronger and more powerful than regular batteries. 

So, if you want to use a lithium battery instead of a regular battery with your trolling battery, we would always recommend buying a lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4). They have the longest run time and are the strongest of the lithium batteries currently on the market. So, if you want a lithium battery for your trolling motor, this is the type to look for.

How long will a lithium battery run a trolling motor?

As you probably already know, lithium batteries can allow you to run your trolling motor for a much longer time than a regular lead battery. This is because lithium batteries are much stronger and more efficient than regular batteries. 

Regular lead batteries will allow you just a couple of hours of use out of your trolling motor. After this, the battery will require recharging before you can use your trolling motor again. But, lithium batteries will allow you to run your trolling motor for much longer. 

Generally speaking, you will be able to get double the amount of time out of a lithium battery as a regular battery when running them at the same speed. So, you will be able to get between 4-8 hours of use out of your trolling motor before the battery needs recharging. 

Do lithium marine batteries need a special charger?

Yes, you do need a special charger for lithium marine batteries. In general, you tend to need a special charger for any type of marine battery due to its unique design. But, lithium marine batteries need a special charger because they require charging in series with a multi-bank charger. 

A multi-bank charger is a type of charger that allows all the batteries in the chain to charge simultaneously. While these batteries charge at the same time, they are completely independent of one another, so the batteries charge on their own. 

You can use a regular battery charger to charge your lithium batteries, but this isn’t ideal. If you have to do this, it is very important that you set the voltage on the charger to the absolute max. This allows your lithium batteries to charge to the best of their ability.